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Faculty of Chemistry
University of Gdańsk

Wita Stwosza 63
80-308 Gdańsk

tel. (+48 58) 523-50-10
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About the Faculty

Faculty of Chemistry offers the Bachelor and Master Programmes in two fields of day studies: Chemistry and Environmental Protection applying a two-tier system of education in the Bologna system (→ Bologna Process) and an European system of assessing the achievements of students (the → European Credit Transfer System - ECTS).

The first tier of education embraces three years of vocational studies leading to the vocational degree of licencjat (Bachelor).
Faculty of Chemistry currently offers five Bachelor Programmes in Chemistry:

  • analytics and chemical diagnosis
  • chemistry of cosmetics
  • medicinal chemistry
  • chemistry - teachers' speciality
  • materials chemistry
and three Bachelor Programmes in Environmental Protection:
  • chemical-analytical speciality
  • biological-ecological speciality
  • marine speciality

Each graduate of vocational studies will be able to continue his or her education with a two-year course of Master's studies:
  • chemistry
  • chemistry - teachers' speciality
  • biological chemistry
  • cheminformatics (chemical informatics)
  • chemistry of new materials
The second-tier studies in Environmental Protection are offered at the Faculty of Biology, Geography and Oceanology.

Best graduates of Master's Studies are encouraged to continue their education at four-year course of Doctoral Studies which allow individuals to study and make research towards the PhD degree.

In addition, The Faculty offers the post-graduate studies "Ecology-Ethics-Technology" (in extra-mural system)


Faculty of Chemistry has a scientific tradition of excellence across all areas of chemistry (analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical as well as environmental chemistry and environmental analysis). The Faculty is a center of synthetic organic chemistry with a long history of distinguished contributions to peptide chemistry. We have research efforts in the development of new chemical substances with potential biological activity.

Faculty of Chemistry belongs to the first (i.e. the highest) ranking group according to the classification made by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Faculty has the right to confer scientific degrees of doctor and doctor habilitatus.

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