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General information

Faculty address
Faculty of Chemistry
University of Gdańsk

Sobieskiego 18/19
80-952 Gdańsk

tel. (+48 58) 523-53-01,
(+48 58) 523-54-72

Contact wit us

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How to contact us?

Questions concerning:

  • Faculty of Chemistry Website:
    • corrections,
    • news,
    • actualization and proposals
    mail to:

  • Education at the Faculty of Chemistry:
    • studies,
    • second field of studies,
    • exams,
    • social affairs,
    • student working practice
    mail to adresses included in "Authorities"

  • Admission to first/second tier studies
    • criteria,
    • limits,
    • deadlines
    mail to:

  • the remaining questions:
    ask on Discussion Forum

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